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The Fairfax Falcons Paralympic Sports Team provides a variety  of adapted sports experiences to youth with physical disabilities  in the Northern Virginia/ DC metro area. Through adaptive sports, athletes improve physical fitness, communication skills, self-esteem, and build life-long friendships.


Individuals aged 4-22 who have not graduated high school, and who have  an irreversible lower extremity disability, such as paralysis, amputation,  radiological evidence of limb shortening, spina bifida, a spinal cord injury,  or cerebral palsy may participate.  All players must be able to push a  manual wheelchair unassisted.  ** Not all players use wheelchairs for everyday use.  ** 


The Fairfax Falcons Paralympic Sports Program is managed in  partnership with the Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services. To register, visit ww.fairfaxcounty.gov/ncs/tracers

$30 for Fairfax County residents and noncounty residents  *Additional fee for NWBA registration for competitive play -https://www.nwba.org/individualregistration

Levels of Play


  • Players 10 and under, new to the sport
  • Hoop height varies (8.5 foot and below)
  • Spalding Rookie Gear basketball,     27.5 in
  • Focus on foundational skills, chair maneuvering


  • Players age 13 and under
  • 8.5 foot hoop
  • Spalding Rookie Gear basketball,      27.5 in
  • No back court press
  • Game time: Four 8-minute quarters

*Official NWBA Division*


  • Athletes are eligible to a maximum age and must be enrolled in a school. Athletes who have graduated high school are not eligible to play. Once an athlete enters high school, they have four years of eligibility to play in the NWBA Junior Division - Varsity.
  • 10 foot hoop
  • Molten X-series basketball, 29.5 in
  • All NCAA rules
  • Game time: Two 20-minute halves

*Official NWBA Division*


Practice Locations

Our primary practice location is the James Lee Community Center (2855 Annandale Rd. Falls Church, VA).


Wednesday night pick-up games are held at Key Middle School (6402 Franconia Rd, Springfield, VA 22150).


Practice may change locations. Consult our calendar or email the team if you are coming out for the first time.

Practice Times

Practices run from 9am-12:45pm on Saturday mornings.  Practice times vary depending on the level of play.



I don’t see my disability. I don’t see my players disability. We have one thing in mind and that is basketball!

Zee & Nuri

 Nuri has professional athletes in his family. Nuri’s cousin is Gilbert Arenas, former Washington Wizards basketball player (NBA).  Another of Nuri’s cousins played football for the Buffalo Bills (NFL). Nuri’s brother Hamzah, who’s his biggest fan, plays D1 lacrosse for Hampton University (NCAA).  Now, my little Nuri is registered with the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA)  How cool is that!  (I think it’s actually the coolest.)

Kate & Griffin

My son, Griffin, has been a member of the Falcons for three seasons.  The impact has been nothing short of life changing for both of us. The Falcons are more than just a basketball team, it is a community, a family.  My son has grown in confidence, independence, and has made friendships that have changed how he sees the world.

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